From different paths to a common Mission

Each one of us is in this world to live life with presence. We are not on this planet just to survey, we can sense every moment and feel the wonder.

The necessity to find a way of expressing this concept which includes a body research and our mystical attitude to life, leads Orderly Dance to a deep research  on human beings, starting from the Observation. Orderly Dance has landed in various country, from Mexico to Egypt, with the aim of exploring  with people from different  cultures and environments.

Sharing this research through  workshops and performances worldwide, is a way to surprise us with the public and with the students; this is our Mission.

Elisa Spagone and Codruț Cojocaru started this adventure  in 2020, joining their experience to create a new method of Dancing and a new way of Living.

They both belong to different  paths, Elisa is a contemporary dancer and Codruț is a break dancer, and this is the reason  for which they like sharing with all kind of people.

“Everyone can dance Orderly,  and Orderly Movement can be found in everything, and in everyone. 

Orderly Dance is gravity, is grounding, is spiral, is Nature, we are Nature, we all can be OrderlyDance”.

Elisa Spagone (FOUNDER)

She belongs to an accademic education,  from ballet to contemporary. She has always been interested  into studying dance and body to heal parts of us. Healing is a way to connect with the inner part, the deepest side. Dance as a way of expressing and connecting with our inner world. She worked with different  choreographers, and collaborates for many years with Les Transe Mutants dance company as dancer and teacher. 

Experiencing various  methods and curious  about body and movements possibilities,  what moves Elisa is the connection  between  body, mind and emotions, between us and the above. “Who is dancing is always connected with something superior, if we awake inside  of us a little question, we can enjoy the exploration and find something new, every time, we can discover and see ourselves from a different point of view.”

Codruț Cojocaru (FOUNDER)

Codruț Cojocaru started as street dancer, practicing breakdance. He decided to embark on a research path in which dance has not only an aesthetic and performing aspect, but it is an instrument  to study oneself and grow. Therefore works as a dancer and interpreter, listening to the authentic and the spontaneous movement  that grow from an external and internal stimulation. Codruț is researching on how a strong movement  like breakdance power moves, can become smooth, how they can express emotions and share a story. As a free mover he likes exploring and creating new movements to share.

O.D. is people, each one working with us becomes part of O.D.'s project. Elisa and Codruț are open to collaboration, let's explore and create together!