Life is a mystery, live it with wonder and dance it !

Orderly Dance is a way of living

A Physical approach to a Spiritual research

“Sensing in the spine…”



The research sees Dance as a tool to observe ourselves as human beings. Dance is in our movements in everyday life, in our way of walking and in our spine.

 Everything starts from the body, body never lies. The main element of this work is Gravity and resistance to gravity, as a way to feel the body in the middle , the spine pulled into two different directions. 

Falling and Reacting to the fall is not just a physical sensation, but emotional and intellectual. We experience the human struggle between Earth and Sky, and we try to find the stasis inside and outside. Be in the body in this continuous tension and sense what happens, is a way to reach an inner message and start listening to it.

“…feel in the solar plexus, and dance”

From the spine and posture observation we can connect to our breath, and feel what happens inside when we move.

 Changing  attitude of our body, changing the strength, we can pass from an energy to an other. Something happens when we move between  Earth  and Sky, when we Fall and Rise, we connect with an emotional state.

We can see our personalities, we can pass from one emotions to another just changing little details in our body. Part of our research  works on the floating, between different energies, using improvisation. 

We flow in the Beauty, we contract contacting our Monsters, we free energy in a jump of a Warrior, and after this journey from one attitude to another, we can experiment the stasis. In stasis the magic of being here in this space and in this moment appears and we can find the calm. Dance can surprise me, I am surprised by myself

“We could all see that there was this falling and catching, growing together, and it’s very nice to see that these two entities, these two bodies collide, probably separated, but having always this moment balancing each others out if this AXIS of going down and coming up…” 

cit. Miriam Beike from Theaterscouting Berlin