O.D.T. (Orderly Dance Theraphy)

A movement that starts with listening to the body and its gravity, feeling the weight, 

feeling the connection between the feet and the head helps to reorient and to redirect the individual towards new functional schemes, starting from the body to affect mind and emotions, overcome own clichés of movement, with extensions, distortions, repetitions and changes of rhythm.

Learning to stand the void and the stasis, helps to contain the virtuosity, and the chaos, giving order to the sensations and the emotions.


Improvising with authenticity, to heal the inner self

Taking part to an O.D.T. session means observing and be involved. 

Dancing with O.D.T. a new world can open in ourselves, a new way to perceive and to exist in this body in the moment itself.

The Orderly Dance Therapy is very useful as it works on a new way of feeling the gesture. It can be used as an healing and holistic practice, for body, emotions and mind developing. 

First of all the work with weight and gravity give the body the possibility to get out of some automatisms. 

Improvising with authenticity, living one’s own emotional contents, helps to become aware of one’s own inner movements. In this way the participant tends to live the emotional contents with greater control, since it brings back the subjective conflict to an objective physical form, managing to face it and perceive it in a more constructive way.

In addition, working on the emotional plane, helps to express oneself through dance and not only to perform a fine aesthetic movement in itself.

Finally, working with the three energies can give the opportunity to create and find a style new attitude to movement, which will not only be used in dance, but also in life, improving and customizing the posture, the look, the image of oneself.

O.D.T for Groups or Team

Using body language to communicate and heal relationship.

Very often we propose our workshop for groups of people working togehter, to improve the team work and strengthen the cooperation. Strengthen leadership. Strengthen the sense of team.

The participants can watch their partners or colleagues, moving and sharing; this helps to project oneself into the others, to understand them, to see the others with amazement and curiosity, to manage eventual conflicts and misunderstandings, without falling into automatisms that start with words.

O.D.T for people with Health conditions

O.D.T is also for people with disabilities, especially connected to body such as multiple sclerosis, or mental illnesses. Learning to feel and link feet and head helps to fell the energy and the connections between every part of our body and gives birth to a new sensation.

O.D.T. is a way to explore ourselves, with individual or groups sessions, to better feel and understand where we are.