A study on human beings attitude to Love and relationship.

In an a historical period in which we have a lack of real comunication, dued to virtual relationships, in a moment like this in which we have been forced to be separated, or forced to be closed in our home, we understand the importance of relate to each other and communicate. How do we love, what is love, what does “I love you” mean, is it today or forever?

The Scent of the Fog, wants to explore Love in different cultures, trying to find a common sense, a thread which links every human beings, no metter who and where.
Love is an essensial feeling which connects everyone in the world.

With this aim Elisa and CodruČ› have decided to go in various country to propose the show, adapting it to the tradition of the place. They have been invited in Egypt, the project has been supported by the Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre where it has debuted.

The Scent of the Fog has been invited in Mexico thanks to Soyaniquilpan and Jilotepec Municipality in collaboration with HipHop Educa and Comunitad de Talento Urbano. Here Orderly Dance has realised a videoclip for the Municipality, after a work with the community.